Another week, another party, another reason to demand better

The reports of parties at 10 Downing Street have been increasing on an almost daily basis this week…

Another week, another set of empty and insincere apologies from a government that is showing more and more on a daily basis that it cares little for the public.

The week started with the reports of yet another restriction breaking party held in 10 Downing Street.

This time it was a garden party, attended by 40 with at least 60 more on the invite list.

It broke lockdown rules, the same rules that those attending the party had helped to implement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended this party, although ask him about it and you might die or old age before he can figure out if it was a party or a business meeting.

In fact, by the time he tells you, we’ll probably have found out about another three lockdown breaking parties, so don’t hold your breath.

Opposition MP’s lined up to grill the PM in PMQ’s on Wednesday, and tell him of heartbreaking stories of isolation and separation from their constituents.

Johnson blocked out each call for him to resign with a response that he will wait until the conclusion of the inquiry into the lockdown parties before, well, admitting they were wrong.

Predictably, Tory MP’s lined up to support him. The cabinet ministers sent out a very similar tweet of support for their PM, but the truth is the horse of faith in Boris Johnson bolted from the stables a long, long time ago.

Then, late last night, the story that a party took place the night before Prince Phillip’s funeral last year.

This funeral provided a sombre photo of the Queen sitting on her own, due to social distancing restrictions, at her husband’s funeral.

It was a photo that summed up the mood of the nation, and showed that The Royal Family did not see themselves above the rules in the same way that some within the government do.

This party is unconfirmed, but with Downing Street failing to deny it took place, it will add even more fuel to the fire of discontent this country has for it’s failing, fumbling government.

So many people sacrificed seeing loved ones for months on end, and many others said goodbye for the last time to loved ones over the phone or video call because they were told following the rules was the best way to beat the virus.

Seeing the ever growing list of confirmed parties and gatherings within the government/ number 10 circle is rightly making people angry as to why they were told to make the sacrifice but then members of their government felt that kind of thing was below them.

Faith in Boris Johnson is crumbling faster than an English batting lineup in Australia but, unlike in the cricket, Johnson doesn’t deserve a chance to redeem himself later in the year.



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Patrick Hollis

Patrick Hollis

I am a journalist with an honours degree from Coventry University. I’m a published author and journalist with several years experience