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Theresa May had yet another day to forget as she continues to muddle through with the Brexit proceedings.

The PM asked Brussels for an extension to the 29th March leaving date which was granted with some exceptions.

The EU ruling has somewhat pushed the UK into a two option shoot-out. Either May. receives the support of her MPs and her deal gets the over the line for a May/June departure from the EU. Alternatively, a no deal Brexit at the end of this month is still highly possible.

If May wants her deal to pass through parliament she will need the support of MPs in the house. A shoot-out of her deal or no deal is damaging for the country as it could see the people given an conclusion to three years of chaos which suited a small percentage of the population.

This is why her statement last night was so surprising. She called out MPs for their inability to come together for the good of the country. Whether this is genuine or that she is trying to save as much face as possible is a debate which has been raging for over two years. At this point in time, May needs as many MPs as possible on her side. Openly blaming them for the lack of clarity in the Brexit negotiations is a bizarre and potentially suicidal move.

“You are tired of MPs talking about nothing but Brexit when you have real concerns. I am on your side. It is now time for MPs to decide.”

It’s all well and good for a PM to have tough skin, it’s needed in most scenarios, but May is going too far. She is entrenched in a physiological bunker which apparently prevents her from absorbing any scrutiny. Clinging on for power would be an understatement.

May has had a hard time if it during these negotiations, but the leader of the opposition has not helped. Jeremy Corbyn, who has often spoke of that importance of cross party discussions, refused to join a cross party meeting of parliament leaders.

The PM has suggested that the longest delay she will put up with is until the end of June. Any further could see May throw in the towel. This without a doubt needs to be avoided, the last thing this divided government needs is a Conservative leadership vote and a General Election as a potential consequence.

Unbelievably, May needs to remain in power. Even if it is just to avoid adding to the absolute shambolic chaos her government has put the country through.

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