Could a Labour push for a general election be political suicide ?

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It seems a lifetime ago since Theresa May announced that she was to step down from the role of Prime Minister and leader of her party. Since then, the Conservative party has been flushed with activity and over the last few weeks we’ve seen 13 hopefuls for leader whittled down to 2. This being the impending showdown between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.

What has been added to the melee of the Tory leadership race is the response of Britain’s main party in opposition. It has been well documented that Jeremy Corbyn has not been helpful through the Brexit negotiations. He frequently rejected the opportunity to meet with Theresa May for cross party talks and is still yet to decide a concrete stance, despite many within his party urging him to stick to remain.

The most frustrating aspect of all this is that since almost the minute Theresa May gave the speech stating she would be stepping down, Labour have been preaching about her replacement to call a general election. This seems utterly bizarre. With the state of the party at present the only realistic result in a GE for labour would be a defeat worse than two years ago.

Labour really are in no fit state to have the country go to the vote for them. The controversial decision to reinstate MP Chris Williamson after his anti-semitic comments has been met with outrage from labour MPs, members and those outside the party. In total 121 labour parliamentarians spoke out about the outrageous decision, feeling that the conduct and rulings of the party were to blame:

In fact whoever does get the keys to number 10, whether it be Johnson or Hunt, would be fairly confident that a general election would see the Conservatives gain from Labour.

The main concern for the Conservatives will be the predicted influx in support for the Lib Dem’s and the Brexit Party. If British politics is on the cusp of a change then this kind of swing at a general election will decide it.

The fact that Labour have somehow lost support when up against one of the most shambolic Conservative governments in modern times shows just how weak the current opposition party really is. For one of the first times in history, the Conservative government might actually be glad that labour are pushing for a general election as the threat comes from elsewhere on the political spectrum.

Should there be an election before Halloween, which is of course the latest date for the UK to leave the EU, then the House of Commons could be in for a shakeup. If predictions come true, the Lib Dem’s and Brexit Party would benefit from the incompetence of the two leading parties. Taking seats and thousands of votes in the process.

It is a turbulent time for Labour, but it is one in which the determination for a general election needs to stop. A regrouping and cleansing from within the party top to bottom is needed before any kind of election campaign, and it is needed now.

A general election would bring nothing but a significant defeat for the Labour Party and inflict more damage on a once proud and respectful party. It can be this way once again, but things need to change.

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