• Aly Dal

    Aly Dal

    Psychology grad, former finance professional, artist/writer. Interests in psychology, economics, space and place exploration. Publications en Francais aussi.

  • Anton Jo

    Anton Jo

    Journalist. This is my personal blog. https://antonrjo.wixsite.com/images

  • Becki Brown

    Becki Brown

    A reluctant optimist, I use writing to talk myself down from the perpetual threat of existential crises. https://beckitabrown.tumblr.com/ https://w

  • Aneka Shinohara

    Aneka Shinohara

    Blog Featured on Yahoo News | Freelance Writer at Inkitt & Dreame | Editor/Proofreader

  • Sylvia Waive

    Sylvia Waive

  • Jessica Nile Brunelle

    Jessica Nile Brunelle

    Screenwriting visceral character-driven dramas/dramedies about tragic and emotionally damaged characters who find peace and hope.

  • Paul Mullinger

    Paul Mullinger

    I studied religion at the UC-Berkeley and have been interested in the spirit ever since. I try to give my poems a spiritual aspect whenever possible.

  • Sangram Kakad

    Sangram Kakad

    Founder, MTJF - More Than Just Friends

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