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The bright new creative talks lockdown, recording and his inspirations

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“Lockdown was a chance to create some music and find the beat which I knew would fit in with me,” says up and coming creative and musician Lord Green. “I would argue though that, despite lockdown, I am that kind of person anyway, I’m always working on my own projects and doing my own thing.”

To the untrained eye, there aren’t many rappers from northern England. Green may disagree with you, and he would certainly have something to say if you placed this title upon him. This is fitting, however, as Lord Green is no ordinary rapper.

Originally from Southport, Green takes influence from a vast spectrum of musical talent. From Lana Del Rey to Marina and the Diamonds, songs from his sister’s boyfriend’s Ipod would eventually shape his outlook and the way he wanted to make his mark on the music scene.

Green was talking ahead of the release of his latest single, entitled ‘Wah Wayha’, which tells the story of a man in a frustrating relationship which has become fraught with miscommunication. There is a sense of someone being held back by a partner who has shown their true colours.

The video to ‘Wah Wayha’ is a production pieced together in the shadow of the pandemic lockdown. Filming took place in locations all relatively close to Green’s native Southport, with the help of friends old and new. The journey takes the cast of the video from the streets of Liverpool to Ainsdale Beach.

On the creation of the song and the video, Green said: “It took about a month to create, I think I started it around the middle of August and finished it in early September. Earlier in the lockdown I was really just making music. I am coming out of that phase of getting used to the whole music format. I taught myself from scratch things like how to sing on a beat and things like that”

“In the promotion for Wah Wayha, I made sure to put in all of their names and give credit. We gave everyone involved a t-shirt and a letter to say thanks. We had all worked with each other and felt that we would all want to work together again.

“That is definitely the way forward if you are a smaller artist, to have a list of contacts and circle of people who you can say return favours. One day when I am bigger I would love to recreate this on a larger scale and maybe have a platform for people to come together and help each other. That is the way forward for creatives.”

Rather than seeing himself as a rapper, Green prefers to go by the genre of Pop Trap Soul Artist.

He said: “If I was to describe myself on a genre spectrum with a hard rapper at one end and opera singer at the other, I would be in the middle in a grey area!. This goes back to my

Travis Scott is my number one hero, I saw him for the first time last year, and I love the way he experiments with his voices using distortion and autotune, but instead of a disguise it’s an enhancement to what he does.”

Lord Green is an artist on the up, with plenty of charisma and energy propelling him forward. His dedication and hard work has transferred into his songs, making him an exciting and passionate artist and performer with a lot to look forward to in the future.

‘Wah Wayha’ is out on Friday 9 October on Spotify and Youtube.

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