Lord Green ‘Modern Men’ Review

The flare, charisma and coolness of this man shines through on his much anticipated debut album

Patrick Hollis
4 min readAug 3


Lord Green’s debut album ‘Modern Men’is out on August 4

When I first met Aindriü Green Green in 2017, I met a guy who knew exactly what he wanted and how he was going to get it. A music career was in the works back then and now- six years later- yet another well deserved landmark has arrived.

Lord Green, as he goes by for his music, has released his debut album entitled ‘Modern Men’. The themes and morals run deep in the album, and it has a story etched with all the science fiction of a HG Wells novel. We follow Timothy through his adventures in SciFi City, and the album kicks off with this character having a dream and wanting more. Think Pinocchio in Space, a theme self proclaimed by Green, and you’ll arrive at ‘Modern Men’.

Kicking off this journey through the future is ‘The Boy Who Believed’. We are plunged into a world of war and sirens, with Green’s role as the protagonist longing for something better. The smooth sound and chilled beats sets us off on the journey to the train station and beyond.

The tale of the train is told in ‘Night Train’ during which our main man wonders how he “can make love to the night and also how to fix what is broken inside of him.” The sadness of faltering relationships is tangible in the tune, and Green captures the poignancy of this so well.

Green’s story with Timothy is a rich tapestry, and ‘Juniper Vanilla’ and the track puts you into the disco-diner where the protagonist ends up. Who doesn’t love a dance? Especially one in a sci-fi world in which we can learn so much.

From the club to the beach, and ‘Peach Summer’ has all the vibes of you lying on a sunlounger, sipping a pina colada and feeling the warm coastal breeze on your face. Green has the ability to make you yearn to be somewhere tropical. Our protagonist Timothy has a memorable experience on his beach day.

Lord Green’s debut album ‘Modern Men’is out on August 4

Fitted slap bang in the middle of the album is a whimsical interlude which takes the listener into the slow lane. Green takes the role of a wealthy butler, takes centre stage in ‘The Lion of Malbury Manor’. He compares being a man to firstly, Jesus Christ’s walk through Jerusalem and then to a hot summer’s day involving strawberries. Both are powerful, vivid images created by Green.

The night club/ bar scene vibe is reintroduced to this album through ‘Aliena’, a vibey beat ties together this feeling. A blend of French, Dutch and English gives a continental end to the song, but in reality it feels like there’s so much more under the surface.

‘Starclub Massaro’ feels like a bit of a second coming for Timothy and Green. From the mystical vibes of the earlier tracks, we are given a bit more of a deeper dive into Timothy’s story- which in this track sees him living it up in a nightclub, meeting a new friend along the way. The journey through SciFiCity is well underway during this stage of the album- but it wasn’t over yet.

Traversing the plains of this scifi quest takes us through into ‘Blue Fairy’, which has about as much twinkle as you may expect from a song with this name. Timothy has somewhat of a renaissance here when talking to the fairy — and is given the fight to go and take on whatever is in front of him.

Green’s debut album soiree’s to a conclusion with ‘Dusty Road’, which see’s Timothy not regretting anything about his long journey- despite ending up in a desert wasteland of an area. He reflects on childhood, and how there was whisky at his christening. He asks himself ‘what was the christian vicar thinking?’ A very good question, it must be said.

Lord Green has continued to expand his footprint on the music scene and following on from single’s, EP’s and music videos he has dropped his debut album. The 14 songs are an adventure through which Green takes you, and there are plenty of highs and lows in the narrative along the way.

Listen in to ‘Modern Man’ in full on Spotify from August 4. The new content from Lord Green doesn’t stop there- however. A music video for ‘Dusty Roads’ is set for release on August 9. This won’t be the last you’ll hear from Lord Green- and this is a fact you should be pretty happy about.


1. The Boy Who Believed

2. Night Train

3. Vogue Honey

4. Juniper Vanilla

5. Peach Summer

6. The Lion of Malbury Manor (Interlude)

7. The Garden

8. Aliena

9. Starclub Massaro

10. Spyder

11. Blue Fairy

12. Gilá la Saint

13. Mirror Box

14. Dusty Roads



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