The Conservative Party Blame Game

How, even through repeated failings, the government have tried to avoid taking the blame at every turn

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Traditionally, the Conservatives have been known as the party of law and order. They have a fair track record in the past, but this reputation of the party which is unwavering is being tested to the max during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they have turned to pointing the finger at anyone but themselves. At a time when the nation needs strong leadership, our government is bumbling its way through what looks to be a second peak of coronavirus cases.

The most recent example of the Conservatives blame game is arguably one of the most infuriating. Health Secretary Matt Hancock, peacocking about the number of coronavirus tests available, told people to go out and get tested regardless of if they were showing cases or not. This was until the tests ran out.

Did Mr Hancock take responsibility and apologise for the failings of his department and government? Of course not, he lay the blame at the feet of people who had shown no symptoms and received a test for the virus.

In previous days, the Conservatives shifted the blame of the rise of cases onto young people. The stats show that more people of the 18–30 age bracket are testing positive for the virus than any other at the moment. However, this comes after a long period of the government telling people to go back to pubs, restaurants, work and using public transport. There was a lot of effort put into a campaign of getting people back to ‘normal’ to save the nation.

So when cases rose once more amongst young people did the Conservatives apologise for rushing people back? Nope, they instead opted for the easier, more cowardly option. The day this government accepts responsibility for its mistakes will be a one for the history books.

The fact is that this government had a head start in dealing with the virus through seeing how it was impacting Europe back in February, but still failed to act, is an embarrassment. It is another example of exceptionalism within the UK government, as if we cannot possibly be seen to copy from other nations in dealing with the pandemic. That’s not what Britain is all about, is it?

The Conservatives have often blamed Labour for failing in the past. Now that this is no longer an option, due mainly to the fact they have been in power for over ten years now, they are turning on the public. The Party which was once the party of law and order is now the party of ‘blame anyone but us’.

Whether or not the huge majority from the 2019 election still carries any weight after a turbulent year will be revealed in the coming months, but what can be said for certain is that the Conservatives will be long remembered by their woeful handling of the worst pandemic in generations.

With cases rising and the restrictions gradually being reintroduced, the government will no doubt get more chances to shift the blame onto others before a vaccine is found for the virus which has changed so much of day to day life. The big question is who will be the next group in society to have the finger of blame pointed at them by their government?

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