If the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t get the NHS the funding it deserves, nothing will

The UK has been in lock down for almost a week and so far, most of the population seems to be complying.

Scenes this weekend of empty beaches and desolate parks were a welcome sight compared to the business of the previous weekend.

The constant pleading from the authorities and tearful videos from exhausted NHS workers begging the public to stay at home is finally starting to get through.

Now, for the first time in generations, the country needs the people to come together. The NHS, the fibre which hold our society together, is in desperate need of the support of every one of us.

A rallying call was made for 250,000 volunteers to come forward and help the NHS in its fight against the coronavirus. In less than a week, over 600,000 has registered.

These people will help to deliver medicine and food to those who are most vulnerable during this most unprecedented of times. The country will be kept moving, by the NHS and an army of very special volunteers.

Now is the time for people to listen to their government. Regardless of your political views, now is not the time for point scoring. Granted, the government could have acted sooner.

But what good is it having members of the shadow cabinet saying how they would have done things differently? They are not in power and need to get used to it, for the duration of this pandemic at least.

This is the biggest challenge facing our health service since its creation over 75 years ago. The NHS is the pride of our nations recent history and we should give everything we can to help it out, the volunteer drive is proving that the people of the UK are willing to do that.

The death toll in the UK has passed the 1000 mark and is set to rise in the coming weeks.

Temporary hospitals are being set up to cope with the rising numbers of infected, and short term morgues are being planned to keep up with the increasing death toll which comes with this.

Boris Johnson wrote to every household in the UK telling them that things will get worse before they get better. Is it what the people need? Absolutely not. They needed a harder lockdown earlier, something which, in the future, be seen as a catastrophic decision.

It will not be the politicians which will get the country through this darkest of periods.

It will be the volunteers, the bin workers, the retail workers, the restaurant staff and the health workers. These are members of the public who are the beating heart of society.

The best thanks our government can give to the workers who are keeping the country moving is to make sure they are given the support they deserve, support which has been sorely lacking for years.

In an economically advanced country such as the UK, it shouldn’t take a pandemic to give essential workers improved wages. Once the pandemic is over, this desperately needs to change.

For now, we need to continue to unite behind these extraordinary people and take political points scoring out of the equation.




I am a journalist with an honours degree from Coventry University. I’m a published author and journalist with several years experience

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Patrick Hollis

Patrick Hollis

I am a journalist with an honours degree from Coventry University. I’m a published author and journalist with several years experience

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