Three Democrats who can defeat Trump

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Several Democrats have officially announced that they will be running for the candidacy of their party. The party needs interior changes after Hilary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 to a non-political candidate. As well as being a surprise defeat, it was a defeat which undermined the party moving forward after two successful terms in power with Barack Obama. The way forward for the party is new faces and a fresh political view. At this point in time, it is unclear just who Americans will see on their voting cards next to President Trump.

The Democrats have some exciting and passionate politicians in a position to run for the Presidency, and in the years to come, the Republicans will have their work cut out to keep a Democrat out of the Oval Office. Julian Castro has been tipped as one of the ones to watch within the party in the last few years. The man from San Antonia very nearly earned himself the position of running mate with Hilary Clinton in 2016, and if he is selected by the Democrats, then he would be the first politician from his city to run for President. The meticulous planning that goes into his strategies as well as his determination to oversee generational change and his family history of immigration means that, should he run against Trump, Castro will have a swell of support before even beginning his campaign trail.

Perhaps the most concerning issue of our times is what climate change is doing to our planet. With predictions saying that we as a species may only have 12 years to reverse the damage done by climate change then it would be vital that the next President of the United States is an active member of the environmental cause. Jay Inslee, the current Governor of Washington, would fit this mould. He is an outspoken environmentalist and has been noted as the only candidate so far to make putting a stop to climate change a top priority. Labelled “the greenest governor in the country,” Inslee has a four-point plan for altering climate change, including powering Americas economy with clean energy and putting an end to fossil fuel handouts. Any American who had the slightest concern about the economy would see Inslee as a vote well used.

If the Democrats wanted to follow the route of the Republicans and bring in a political outsider then Andrew Yang could be the candidate they choose to take on Trump. The business entrepreneur is a passionate advocate of medical care for all Americans. He might not have the exact same opinions of it than Obama, but this policy would bring back any voters who had drifted from the party when Clinton was in the Presidential Race. His plans to integrate human capitalism into America gives a fresh perspective of the often-marginalised idea of capitalism. This branch focuses on three factors:

  • Humans are more important than money.
  • The unit of a Human Capitalism economy is each person, not each dollar.
  • Markets exist to serve our common goals and values.

Bringing about a more human, interactive relationship with businesses and the market will be a step away from traditional, cold methods of capitalism.

These candidates – along with many more already announced, or yet to be announced – will be tasked bringing back respect to the position of President of the USA after four years of the complete opposite. The future looks bright for the Democrat Party and their roots are lined with passionate politicians, and whoever is selected will need the whole United behind them. Only then can the improvement of life for Americans and the position of the United States on the world stage begin.

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I am a journalist with an honours degree from Coventry University. Passionate writing about politics, culture, sport, society and more

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